Cindy Hadhri 

Aeronautical Engineer 
Founder & Innovation Manager, Agile Cosmopolitan  
Hamburg Germany

As an Aeronautical Engineer, Cindy has developed an Airbus and several aircraft system architecture concepts. She optimizes the assembly process of the aircraft structure. For automotive and other industries, she builds 3D models of assemblies and new developments. 

During her project management activity at Volkswagen Sao Paulo/ Brazil, she coordinated the implementation of a haptics test bench and gained international experience. She is a frequent guest at  aviation & automotive exhibitions and is passionate for innovation in modern mobility.  She embraces the Design Thinking process to create prototypes incorporating a customer-centered approach with the focus on the user experience. This mix of technology and empathy for the customer is what drives her. 

She founded and launched her company  “Agile Cosmopolitan” with the aim to connect mobility player for smart innovations. Furthermore, she hosts the  podcast series, “Mobility Show” to highlight future technologies like Air Taxis, self-driving cars and new urban/international transportation. 

She is also passionate about spreading her creative mindset with youth. “I am motivated to develop new ideas interactive in a team. To be a guest faculty at the 3DuxUniversity is a great pleasure for me. Children are by nature great innovators. I love to inspire them by my design challenges.”