We are two high school siblings who created the next generation architecture set for young designers. This award winning building set blends sustainability, art, and open-ended creative play with STEM education.
Our vision is to inspire children across the globe to become thinkers, makers and innovators and to use precious resources thoughtfully.

Together, Let's Build a Better Future

We have grown into a group of innovators, parents, educators and thought leaders with a common goal to give today's youth the tools to make a greener, brighter tomorrow.
Your involvement will add to the many happy faces!
We ask that you join the community and spread the word.
A Kickstarter campaign begins September 2018.


Happy faces are what it's all about. There is no right or wrong way to play. Children are free to let their imaginations soar.


With reusable 3D printed connectors, geometric forms, and the ability to incorporate repurposed cardboard boxes, kids never run out of raw material to work with. And 3DuxDesign has started the "billion box project" an initiative that strives to prevent shipping boxes from travellng to the town landfill!


Children ages 4 and older learn
  • fine motor skills
  • basic geometry
  • 3D spatial concepts
  • design thinking
  • problem solving skills
  • collaboration


3Dux/design launched our first line of architectural modeling sets in September of 2017. In less than one year, thousands of sets have made their way into schools and homes across the globe. We have won competitions and awards including the McGraw Hill Award for Best Educational Product and the prestigious CTNEXT Grant for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We are humbled by both the excitement and support we have recieved from kids, educators, environmentalists, and parents. We have hosted events at schools, after school STEM programs and museums and been publicly speaking aiming to inspire youth to become thinkers and innovators.



This September, we will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to scale up and bring 3DuxDesign products to schools and families around the world. Additionally, a new 3DuxDesign "billion box " initiative is being launched. The project goal is to repurpose 1 billion shipping boxes and keep them from the landfill.

Share our story with the community. Together, let's give today's youth the tools to make a better, brighter and greener tomorrow.  

Thank You.

Ayana and Ethan Klein, Cofounders 3 DuxDesign