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25 billion cardboard boxes are discarded in the US every year. High school siblings Ayana and Ethan Klein have the perfect solution. A product, a project and a brighter future.

The Product

3Dux/design is the next generation architecture set for young designers; the first building set that blends sustainability, art, and open-ended creative play with STEM education. But don't worry, the kids will be so busy imagining, creating, and then redesigning, they won't realize they are actually learning geometry, engineering and problem solving skills.  

With reusable 3D printed connectors, geometric cardboard forms, and the ability incorporate repurposed cardboard boxes into their project, what they will realize is that kids are doing something good for the environment while they build.  And with  an estimated 25 billion boxes, that's a lot of building material to work with!
fire station cardboard construction craft set


Being Green Has Never Been So Much Fun

We engineered our connectors specifically to fit most commercially available cardboard so kids never run out of material to work with AND learn about creative repurposing while they play. Our lesson plans also help kids think about how communities and today's products can be made designed for a sustainable future. 3Dux/design architecture sets offer today's youth the tools to make a better tomorrow. 

back of fire station box

The Story

Growing up in the Klein household required a good bit of creative thinking and improvising. Every year, holiday gift-giving had one rule:

"The best gifts are made with our hearts and our hands rather than bought at a store."

So while millions would flock to stores seeking the best Black Friday deals, the Klein kids would be rummaging through the recycling bin for raw materials and heading into the basement for extra cardboard boxes to start construction. Up-cycled odds and ends transformed into townhouses, parking garages, kitty-kingdoms and hamster havens. Yes, even the family pets were involved.  

Inspired by these early childhood experiences, Ayana and Ethan decided to create a product that would blend the conventional building set with open-ended creativity. 

The 3Dux/design ethos is that the best gift we can give our children is to allow them the freedom to create. Without pre-set rules and instructions (conspicuously absent from our modeling kits), children will learn to improvise, experiment, fail, reexamine, and succeed.  These are the skill sets that will aid them through life challenges. 

With the 3Dux/design Architectural Kits we encourage your children to experiment with form, function, creativity and deductive thinking.  

The Principals

3dux/design cofounder ayana klein working in the shop

Ayana Klein/co-founder 3Dux/design

Ayana is the Lead Product Developer and Graphic Designer of the 3Dux/design team. She is a senior in high school and is heading towards a career in engineering and industrial design where she can blend her love of the arts with her talents in math and science to create new products that will help solve today's problems and keep our planet green. 

cofounder of 3dux/design ethan klein working in the shop

Ethan Klein/ co-founder 3Dux/design

Ethan,  Chief Engineer and Production Manager is  a freshman in high school and  already proficient in CAD and complex modeling, 3D printing, and CNC routing.  His other passions include  music and woodworking, He hones all of these skills by making his own guitars. 

The Support Staff

Marci, Product Development Consultant brings over 20 years of experience as a community pediatrician. With a solid understanding of child development, safety and health issues, she has helped gear the product design to be highly engaging, educational and developmentally appropriate. 

Where we've been

3Dux/design launched our first line of architectural modeling sets in September of 2017. In less than one year, over 1,800 kits have made their way into homes across the world, more than 30 educational programs have incorporated the sets into their STEAM education, Ayana and Ethan have won numerous competitions and awards including the McGraw Hill award for Best Educational Product and the prestigious CTNEXT grant for entrepreneurship.  3Dux/design has also received a good bit of press including accolades from Martha Stewart and Crain's Connecticut. We have developed lessons plans for grades k-8 focused on geometry, engineering, sustainability, and community. We have run events at Children's Museums including The Stepping Stones in Norwalk, CT and the Boston Children's Museum. We are now increasing our wholesale market. It has been a busy year and we are outgrowing our current in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Where we're going

To keep up with demand, we need to purchase new equipment. We currently cut cardboard one piece at a time on a CNC router, a slooooow process. A special die cutter along with custom dies will increase our manufacturing capacity 20-fold while still allowing us to make every kit in our own factory. That's where you can help. Please follow our journey as we launch our Kickstarter Campaign  

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