All about circuits

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Childs teepee withstands a hurricane

Materials needed

For the classroom

gobox pro • LED lighting

For the home (mini kit)

Now build and light up your pup's house

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how to submit your experiment for sharing

email submissions@3duxdesign.com 

1. please include at least 3 photos 

2. optional video presentation with link to youtube or vimeo content- 

4.  any photo or video with child needs signed release (drag image, print, photo and send with content)

5. share your post on Facebook and/or instagram with tags for a chance to win prizes @3duxdesign and @billionboxproject @3duxuniversity

Featured results

This young man has been following along with 3DuxDesign's progress since our early days. He found our products on instagram when we launched the company and has been a huge fan ever since! Now that he is finally 6, he is excited to try out our LED lighting sets.

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