Peyton Wilson

Boston College Graduate Student Lynch School of Education
Fulbright Scholar, Learning Engineer, Global Citizen
STEAM Learning & Design Consultant

 Peyton Wilson joins the 3duxDesign team in partnership with Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development, where she is working towards her Master of Arts in Learning Engineering (LE). LE is the systematic application of principles and methods from the learning sciences to support and improve our understanding of learners and learning processes. In partnership with current 3duxUniversity educators and students, Peyton will leverage human-centered design principles to iteratively develop and improve upon current design challenges and curricula. 

Peyton hails from Northwest Arkansas and has been located in the Greater Boston area since 2018. She attended Boston College for her undergraduate degree, graduating with a B.A. in Art History/Museum Studies and minors in German Studies and Managing for Social Impact & the Public Good. After graduating, Peyton was awarded a U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship and spent a year in Bielefeld, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany teaching English and History. In her current tenure at Boston College, Peyton’s studies are geared toward informal STEAM education, project- and game-based learning pedagogies and frameworks, and community co-design. 

The 3DuxDesign team is honored to welcime Peyton to our team in partnership with Boston College ynch School of Education. She brings with her an extensive experience in learning from diverse communities within the US and abroad. At 3DuxDesign, Peyton will conduct comprehensive curriculum reviews, interview our current customers to enhance our offerings, and develop assessment tools to document student growth. Her work will be instrumental in creating impactful educational experiences and advancing our mission of innovative STEM education.