geometry 101: what's your angle?

The Goal

You will construct a Mandela House using your own recycled cardboard and 3DuxDesign connectors. You will get to learn 3D modeling, how to use a ruler. You also learn about angles in a practical, real-life situation.


one birdhouse kit or

one set 3Dux/design connectors plus cardboard * 





*Cardboard shapes for house and characters will need to pre-cut pieces for your child.  Print two copies of the house template below.  Cut out paper shapes and use as template for cardboard. Also make a rectangle piece for the door. Your child can color the pages and glue then to the cardboard during the activity.

Connectors Set / variety
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1 take a look at the model house and identify the different geometric shapes used in this project - this will include square walls, rectangle roof and a pentagon side wall

2. take a look at the connectors and talk about the different angles (see below)

3. demonstrate how the acute, right, and obtuse  angles make the door open different amounts

4. For added learning use ruler to measure the length of side walls and roof. Talk about how the side wall is made up of a triangle and a square.

5. Have children color printout, glue pieces to cardboard and then construct their house with the connectors

make some characters

 print out these characters, color and use a wedge of cardboard and 2 3-way connectors to make these guys stand 

ayana's version - print and paste