3DuxDesign in the classroom


3Dux/design sets are perfect for schools, museums, after-school STEM/STEAM programs, and inventor clubs. We are actively growing our educator community and want to make our products and lessons easy to include in your curriculum. Choose from a variety of lesson options for your program needs.

GOBOX Classroom Kit

gobox - classroom kit

Each  GOBOX Classroom kit comes with over 400 connectors, 500 cardboard shapes and downloadable lessons for a class of 25 - 30 students. Ages 4+


GOBOX Pro - LED lighting

Gobox Pro • LED lighting

Each  GOBOX PRO comes with over 400 connectors, 500 cardboard forms, downloadable lessons and 10 LED light kits for a class of 25 - 30  students. Ages 7+


more building essentials for the classroom

Iconic Home - Small Group Set

The Iconic Home • Architecture Set

The Iconic Home Architecture Set has all materials needed for 2- 3 students to imagine design and create anything they can imagine. Ages 4+


Bridhouse 10-Pack

Birdhouse 10 set • Party Packs

These Birdhouse 10-Packs are the perfect product and price for after school activities, STEM parties, fundraisers and more.  


LED Lighting Pack Singles

Electricity 101 - LED lighting

The LED Lighting Kit is perfect if you want to demonstrate electric circuits or you need a few more kits for lots of students


Extra Geometric Shapes

Cardboard refills for the classroom

Want more shapes for your students? White on one side, these paintable cardboard shapes make learning geometry and 3D spatial concepts fun.


Urban Planning 6 week Program

Architecture and Urban Planning After School Curriculum

This 6-12 week program comes with our classroom materials but if you plan to use your own materials, you can use this lesson to design a sustainable community. 


The Modern Museum

The Modern Museum • Architecture Set

The Modern Museum Architecture Set has everything needed for up to 3 students. The trapezoids in this kit allow for more complex builds.