3DuxDesign Exclusive Hoodie
3DuxDesign Exclusive Hoodie3DuxDesign Exclusive Hoodie
  • each box will supply materials for up to 24 students

  • One Boxitects Hardcover book by Kim Smith

  • One Story time STEM lesson plan - standard aligned for k-2

  • (6) jars of 3DuxDesign cardboard connectors

  • (300) 3DuxDesign geometric cardboard shapes 

  • (24) 3DuxDesign student worksheets 

The Boxitect Lesson plan blends literacy and STEM with the 21st century softer skills as your k-2 students imagine, design and invent some pretty cool stuff.

We all know that the best things in life come from collaboration and the 3DuxDesign Team couldn't be more excited to team up with New York Times Best selling author, Kim Smith and the folks at Storytime STEM-Packs to create a fun and engaging hands-on engineering activity inspired by Kim's story. In Boxitects, two little cardboard architects turn competition into collaboration and build the best cardboard creation for the great Maker Fest. After reading the story, your students will also have an opportunity to work together.  After they design and build shelters and means of transportation, students can team up to invent a whole new inhabitable vehicle. 

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