Architecture programs for educators 

3Dux/design sets are perfect for schools, museums, after-school STEM/STEAM programs, and inventor clubs. We are actively growing our educator community and want to make our products and lessons easy to include in your curriculum. Choose from a variety of lesson options for your program needs. 

open-ended design challenges

This series of engaging open-ended design prompts is ideal for library media center, maker space and in classroom fun.

Pollinator Pathways and Buzzy Bees ** new

• Be a Yurt Expert

• Create an animal that will Beat the Heat

• Project Plastic Pick-Up 

• The Animal Shelter-Spa 

• The Tiny House Challenge 


Fun and easy educational activities for students. These require only minimal instruction and are perfect for both independent and group activities. Use these activities as warm-ups, in the maker space, for indoor recess and after school programs. 

Geometry 101: 4-8 years

Whats your angle? 

Design a Shelter for Hikers

all ages

Make a Mars Space Station

all ages

LED Lighting

Build and light a dog house

Friction Addiction  Space Station-2

all ages