Learn about Yurts

Start by learning about the ancient Mongolian nomads and their culture

One architect's inspiration

This may not be nomadic but it draws from the spirit of Mongolian tribes.

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Ideate and create

Think about your own lifestyle and culture. Design your version of a yurt

Presented by:

Peter Van Geldern, architect and communications professor,   University of Bridgeport 

The Mongolian Yurt

An Architect's inspiration

Your Challenge

How to submit

email submissions@3duxdesign.com

1. must include at least 5 square photos*  including photos of sketches, brainstorming list, WIP, final project 

2. written description or drawings

3. video presentation with link to youtube or vimeo content- (signed release)

 * any photo with child needs signed release

5. share your post on Facebook and/or instagram with tags @3duxdesign and @billionboxproject @3duxuniversity  

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Featured results
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Connor, age 7 decided to focus  on minimizing our carbon footprint and sustainable housing options

Sam, age 6 felt that the entire space should be one giant garage because his family likes to travel a lot.

Sarah, age 8 wanted to be certain that Fluffy the Dog had a place to sleep, eat and drink.