Your team is about to set off on a quest to research, design, and build a model of a new community center  based on the needs of the local community, its culture, and a healthy dose of creativity. 

Choose your hometown, allowing students an opportunity to learn about and become even more active members of their own community. Or your class can choose instead to take the global pathway and explore somewhere else in the world!


A Community-Centered Design Project, Product, and Showcase for Students
3DuxDesign design thinking process

The Global Futures Design Lab is an interdisciplinary team-based challenge and product package for grades 3+ that connects students to the world around them.  With an easy-to-follow facilitator guide and all modeling materials included, students explore and celebrate culture, community and the environment as they collaborate to design and build solutions to real world problems. A culminating interactive Student Showcase empowers students with a platform to share their ideas and take an active role in changing the world for the better. 

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About the Program

3Dux GFDL is an industry-leading  product and project-based learning package. Student teams tackle real-world problems using the 4-step design thinking process and 3DuxDesign architectural modeling system.  Projects culminate in a final presentation and may be featured on our Global Student Showcase  offering youth the perfect platform to share their ideas with a global audience. Ideal for grades 3+. Expect 15 hours of active work  time with optional extensions in a variety of subject areas. 

Watch a sample presentation:

Global Futures Extension Options:

  • Side Quest Extensions: Add-on projects include optional "side quests" for students wishing to take a deeper dive into high interest disciplines or for educators to incorporate more standards-aligned academic skills and rigor into the program. Look through the stages of the Global Futures design process to explore the various options such as the "Tiny House Challenge", "Reimagine the Modern Zoo", "Designing for Peace" and more! 
  • Global Cities:The 3Dux Global Futures Design Lab inspires students to become global citizens and change makers. We are partnering with educators from select regions globally, passionate about sharing their culture with the next generation. Student teams may opt  to take their Global Futures journey to one of these regions, learn about the wonderful diversity of cultures and communities and connect with real members of the community!

  • Tiny Town Challenge - Students grades 4-6 learn geometry and financial literacy as they design structures with efficiency of space and cost in mind (design phase)

  • Sustainable Futures - Students grades 3+ learn about electricity, circuits and renewable energy sources as the bring their designs to life using 21st century innovative sources like LED lights, solar panels and wind turbines. (design phase)

  • Drafting in 3D - Future engineers, architects, and designers learn the basics of scale, perspective, 3D drafting and shading with. Ideal for grades 4+  (design phase)

  • Art and Architecture - Students have an to opportunity share their own culture with the 3DuxGlobal community by incorporating local architects' and artists' work into their design. Take a deeper dive into art history as students explore local designers of past or modern culture by researching current trends(design phase).

  • Picture Perfect - Students learn from the pros how to create beautiful photos with a smart phone. Learn about best angles, backdrops, and how to create lighting with easily accessible tools. (presentation phase).

  • Make it a Movie - Students have an opportunity to bring their presentation to the next level and show off their theatrical talents. This tutorial will offer some fun high tech and low tech options. Explore ideas from ranging from acting and puppetry, to green screen or time  lapse. (presentation phase).

The Imagination Phase

Presented with a real world challenge, student teams begin the ideation process by first defining the problem, gaining a deeper understanding of the situation, and developing empathy for the stakeholders through research, interviews and exploring their own experiences. 

Once they feel equipped to take on the challenge, student begin to explore all possible solutions—no dream is too big when it comes to making the impossible possible. 

Optional "Side Quest"  Extensions: 

The Design Phase

Now it’s time for teams to put their ideas to the test. Evaluating options based on their practicality and efficiency in students’ respective communities, each team prepares to pitch its solutions to the group and work collaboratively to home in on a concentrated and cohesive design. 

Through the design thinking process, students engage in critical problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration. Teams pool their combined creativity to put forward the best proposal they can. 

Optional "Side Quest"  Extensions: 

The Build-out

Art, engineering, empathy and logic intersect as teams construct real 3-dimensional prototypes of designs using the 3DuxDesign architectural modeling system and accessories. 

Curious and ambitious students can engage in additional interdisciplinary Side Quests to explore a range of concentrations from geometry to engineering, sustainable design to social equity. No challenge is too big for our young innovators!

Creating and Sharing a Presentation

Teams gather from around the world in a virtual celebration of building a better tomorrow. Students share their projects on the 3DuxGlobal Student Showcase, trade ideas offer feedback with their peers, transcending physical boundaries and learning about other’s cultures directly from the children that live there. 

Standout projects will be eligible for a Gold Star and be presented for the world to see on the 3DuxGlobal Live Interactive Map

Optional "Side Quest"  Extensions: 

3DuxDesign Global Futures Design Lab Class Package
  • GOBOX PRO with connectors, cardboard and LED lighting sets for a class of 30 students

  • 2- 36"x72" heavy duty flexible vinyl Site Maps 

  • Cardboard refills with over 500 more cardboard forms

  • Printable student worksheets, task cards, templates and more

  • 1 year access to web-based facilitator guide for up to 3 educators 

  • Eligible for project publication on the Global Futures Student Showcase Page

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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

Contact marci@3duxdesign.com for details

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