Who thought of this?

The concept of selling 3D printed connectors was a true family brainstorming exercise. Sparked by an AP Physics summer assignment  and a summer at an industrial design firm, the president of 3Dux, Ayana decided to design a product that allows people to repurpose discarded materials in the home in a thoughtful and aesthetic way. Inspired by the more practical uses of 3D printing in rapid prototyping, she set out to offer the community a truly functional product that can be made with this technology. 

Who designed the connectors?

Starting with Ayana's detailed drawings of connector options, Ethan, currently a freshman in high school taught himself CAD and hashed out the exact connector geometry that makes them flexible enough to adapt to a range of cardboard thicknesses, snug enough to grab, and smooth enough for little hands to easily assemble their creations. There is a lot of physics and engineering in these seemly simple connectors! 

What is STEAM education?

STEAM is the new STEM. Originally an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, someone quite astutely noticed that Art is a critical component of modern technology. In the real world, good design is about integrating form and function.  STEAM takes STEM to the next level.

What else can we do with these connectors?

Do you have a few hours?

1. imaginative play: You can make little human-sized castles and kingdoms, theatre backdrops, cozy homes for your dogs and cats, a maze for your hamster. Make standing characters 

2. school projects: You can make unique dioramas for art and displays for science class, or stand out a little with your custom designed 3D posters for inventor fairs. 

3. hands on engineering and math experience: Build a skyscraper or a bridge. Drawing from physics and geometry children can gain a first hand  appreciation of what makes building stand.

4. the arts: paint or color your cardboard pieces and create 3D masterpieces, decoupage cardboard squares with printed photos to make a personalized photo cube. The options are endless

I've got an amazing idea, how can I share it?

We LOVE sharing and community feedback. Send us some photos of your latest design and we will try to post them on our community board,or other social channels. Feel free to use your first name and age but we won't add your personal information or post photos of you (we don't want to get in trouble). Please be aware that if we get super-busy, it may take some time. 

PLEASE also send us any feedback. Of coarse we love positive feedback, but we also want to know if there is something that you are not happy with. This will help us make better products as we grow.


What else do you guys have in store for 3Dux.design?

Seriously, if we told you that, what would be the fun. Suffice it to say, stick with us kids, we're moving mountains!


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