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Connecting Curriculum with Creativity in Education 

Amplify creativity and innovation in your curriculum with 3DuxDesign's Hands-on Cardboard Modeling Kits

Imagine a future where students are inspired to build, create, and innovate. Envision ideas that begin as classroom activities, transformed into products that solve real-world problems. At 3DuxDesign, we make this possible by offering unique, cardboard-based modeling kits and project-based learning resources, tailored to unleash creativity and empower the change-maker in every student.

Driven by the proven benefits of Project-based learning, 3DuxDesign encourages students to engage in the design thinking process and hands-on prototyping, making learning both fun and impactful. By integrating our products with high-quality publishing content, we can create something truly unique. 

Together, we can enhance educational experiences with practical, standards-aligned solutions that inspire students to think beyond the textbook.


  • Patented Modeling System: Take concepts learned on paper and brings them to life, facilitating a tangible application of theoretical knowledge.
  • Cross-Curricular Learning Opportunities: Whether it’s language arts, civics, or science, 3Dux introduces hands-on STEM/STEAM elements into any lesson.
  • 21st Century Skill-Building: Our team-based projects are perfect for building essential life and social-emotional competencies in a collaborative setting.
  • Support Diverse Learners: 3DuxDesign supports all learning styles, ensuring visual, social, literacy, tactile, and mathematical learners all find success through a multimodal approach.
  • Enhanced Content Engagement: Bring words on paper to life with hands-on activites that expand their knowledge in engaging ways.
  • Future-Ready Learning: Our tools support STEM, CTE, and life skills to enrich your offerings and inspire students to explore new potential career pathways
  • Customizable Educational Solutions: Our fully customizable products can pair with your current and future content.


  • Certified WOSB Subcontractor: Leverage our WOSB certification to meet contractual set-asides and enhance bid competitiveness.

  • OEM and Customization Capabilities: Our ability to co-create content and customize kits pairs seamlessly with any of your company’s existing products, tailored to meet the specific needs of schools.

  • Innovative Resources for Schools: Introduce a new and unique resource that complements existing educational products.

  • Leverage our Experience: 3DuxDesign has extensive experience in pairing books and curriculum with STEM projects. From our Book-N-Build Series to our original content, our expertise lies in tying content to construction.


3DuxDesign Out-of-the-Box Kits include everything you need to augment your curriculum with hands-on, project based learning. Or work with us to create OEM Kits for something truly unique for your resource needs.

Sample Class Kits

GOBOX Group Modeling Kit

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gobox - classroom kit

GOBOX PRO with added LED lights

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gobox pro with LED lighting camp kit

Flexible Sitemap Mat

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Flexible Sitemap Mat Camp

Add-on Kits 

Build-A-Bot  Kits

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Build-A-Bot Accessory Kit
Renewable Energy Kits
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Sustainable Energy Accessory Set
Book-N-Build Sets
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Design a Space Station Book-N-Build

Sample Design Challenges 

Allies Basketball Dream

alphabet lesson plan 3DuxDesign Basic Design Challenge

After reading an inspiring book about a young girl who overcame personal and social challenges, students dive into engineering and the scientific method as students design a basketball ballistic machine and test it's accuracy. 

Pengiun and Polar Bear Ski School

Buzzy Bees Pollinator Pathway Design Challenge Enrichment Program

Students enjoy a delightful poem about an unlikely pair that set off to design a ski school for their furry friends.  Then they dive into the design process as they engineer a sustainable ski resort with a variety of simple machines.

A Community, Reimagined 

Build a Playspace Design Challenge Enrichment Program

Student teams harness the power of technology and community-based research as they redesign their own neighborhood based on challenges they uncover. This capstone project will build a true sense of community and empower students to create positive change

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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

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