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 At 3DuxDesign, our mission is to offer all children the tools to become thinkers, makers and innovators. We partner with individuals and businesses by offering our educational kits at a discounted price so together, we can make a difference in the lives of children across the globe.

 We appreciate your support and thank you for joining the 3Dux Team 

in helping students gain the skills needed to create a sustainable future. 

Academia Support

Peter van Geldern

           U. Bridgeport

Courtney Marchese

Hillary Fussell Scisco

          Quinnipiac University

Diane Covello

          U Conn Law School

Joseph Renzulli, PhD

           U Conn School for Gifted and 

          Talented Education

Skandalaris Center

          Washington U St Louis,     

           Entrepreneurship Center

 architecture and urban planning in education

a fun new way to learn and play

3DuxDesign cardboard-based modeling system blends art, design and open-ended creative play with STEM learning.Our Global Initiative brings Architecture, Urban Planning and Sustainable Design Programs to kids around the world. Let kids' imaginations soar as they work together to design solutions to real world problems.

meet ayana and ethan - see 3dux in action

Architecture, Design Thinking, and the 3Dux creators

Architecture brings open-ended creativity and design thinking to traditional STEM learning. 

We are a team of designers, educators,  architects, engineers, artists and other thought leaders having some serious fun educating the next generation. Our project-based workshops inspire children to define problems, collaboratively explore solutions, create, and reevaluate. 3Dux classes incorporate a wide range of topics including sustainability,  urban planning, and social equity for a more holistic approach to STEM learning.

NYU Medical School trained pediatrician and co-developer of 3DuxDesign, Marci Klein, M.D. brings over 20 years experience in both clinical and academic medicine with a focus on community health, patient education, and early childhood development. 

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