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The Mission: A Community Center Reimagined

The inaugural project for the 2020-2021 season will challenge your team of young designers to submit a proposal for a new Community Center to be built in their town. This project will inspire students to imagine, design and build a model based on the needs of their local community and their own creativity. The completed project will be eligible for presentation on the 3DuxUniversity Global Student Showcase.

Before you begin...

In this facilitator guide you will find:
Easy-to-follow facilitator guides for each of the 4 phases of the project 
Printable student worksheets including:: 
• idea board templates 
• graph paper templates
• remote learning tips and links highlighted in blue boxes

Materials required to run program:

  • One 3Dux Design/Build Supply Kit per student (or one GOBOX for in-class use)

  • Scissors

  • Pencils

  • Crayons and/or Markers

  • folder or container for storing materials

  • Camera and/or Video Camera (phone adequate)

Optional Materials:

  • Tape or glue

  • Paint

  • Craft paper

  • rulers

  • upcycled cardboard and assorted materials

  • technology: video editing program, word, powerpoint

  • Camera and/or Video Camera (phone adequate)

Please take some time to review the 4 project phases below before your kickoff meeting

Expected Timeline: based on 1-1 1/2 hour sessions. This is merely a guide. Facilitators can extend the length of this program with optional side-quests (details below). 

Kickoff: 1 session with students and parents/caregivers.

Imagine:  2 sessions plus independent research and community interviews (v phone, zoom or live)

Design: 2 sessions 

Build: 2 sessions 

Presentation Preparation: 3 sessions

The Kickoff

Independently Run Teams
The Kickoff Event is the perfect opportunity for students and parents to meet each other, learn more about the program, the timeline, expectations and have questions answered. Future team meeting location and schedule should be agreed on at this time. 

Important information to discuss with team

  1. Students are all now a part of a team and as such, the success of the project as a whole is very much dependent on each member being engaged, sharing their own ideas, listening to each other and collaboration.
  2. Parents should understand that the project is dependent on each student's commitment and that students need to attend all scheduled  meeting.
  3. Privacy information for  parentsexplain to parents that the student projects may be posted on 3Dux Community webpage and seen by students, parents and educators from around the world. Photos and video content with student images are allowed if approval is signed for all students on team by a guardian. The parent/student agreement form needs to be signed and submitted. (this includes student commitment, parental approval for photos, parent email for Student Showcase access)
  4. Privacy information for students: Students should understand that the final presentation should have NO personal identifying information, including the name of their town, addresses, last names or names of family members or friends. **Any personal content in the presentation will prevent the team project from being eligible for Gold Star or being featured on the 3DuxDesign website
  5. Create a timeline for meetings: Time should be allotted for 10 - 12 group meetings. A schedule should be agreed on at this meeting. 
  6. Independent work - Both parents and students should understand that this project will include a degree of independent student work, including research and community member interviews.

School-Based Teams

If you are running this program in the classroom, you can begin the kickoff with a fun team-building challenge which you can access below.  

Because this program culminates with a web-based student showcase, the facilitator is responsible for assuring student privacy with respect to content posted on the web-based student showcase. Please assure that no last names and exact locations should be present in the final project. Student photos and videos are welcome but must have parental consent to be posted on the 3DuxDesign site.. A printable consent form can be found below for your convenience. Your submission of materials to 3DuxDesign via email sharing a project's web-link or directly loading content onto the 3DuxDesign website through the supplied portal  is considered parental consent for posting on the 3DuxDesign website.

warmup activity 

PDF file link

student/parent consent form

 parent emails for access to showcase

Before concluding the Kickoff Event, the facilitator should share the design challenge story with the team. This will get students into the creative mindset and encourage them to start thinking about their community and ideas for their project. 

You should also decide on any add-on side quests of interest to the team. Some of these require materials shipped, setup time and/or fees.





Side Quests

Student worksheets

To print, draw image to desktop or right click to copy

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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

Contact marci@3duxdesign.com for details

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