Design Challenges FOr aspiring kids

Our monthly Design Challenges will have you and your young designers thinking outside the box. Created by a community of professionals from a wide range of disciplines, these prompts will inspire you to unleash your creativity while you imagine, design, build and share your solutions to worldly challenges, both real and imagined...


Geometry 101: 4-7 years

What's your angle? 

Area and Wind Power 4-9 years 

You'll Get Blown away with this one


One page printable fun and educational activities designed to get kids thinking outside the box 

Make a Space Station 

that can survive a wind storm

Design a shelter

for the Hut to Hut Hiker

Have an idea for a fun challenge? 

Send it to 

Be sure to add a story, the challenge and  some photos or drawings. If we use it, we'll send you a gift

Learning circuits and LED Lighting

Build a dog house and light it up