bridge challenge for kids

The Inspiration

The Tower Bridge of London boasts 2 supporting towers connected by beautiful walkways and a lower roadway for cars. A drawbridge for allows for passing boats.

model cardboard bridge challenge

Your Mission

You are the engineer hired to design a creative and innovative way to cross the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany. 

google map of Hamburg Germany for bridge challenge

The Details

You live on one side of the Elbe River and work on the other. Right now, it takes you over an hour each way. You need to design and build a solution for a faster and pleasant commute.

Presented by:

Cindy Hadri 

Aeronautical Engineer 

Hamburg, Germany

"I am motivated to develop new ideas interactive in a team.To be a guest faculty at the 3DuxUniversity is a great pleasure for me. Children are by nature great innovators. I love to inspire them by my design challenges."

The Background

Suggested materials

  • Cardboard
  • 3DuxDesign connectors or architecture kits
  • Repurposed materials from your home/school

  • pipe cleaners, straws rubber bands
  • crayons/markers/water colors
  • construction paper 
  • scissors
  • glue/tape

Jumbo Connector Set

Connectors Set.Jumbo

The Iconic Home

The Iconic Home • Architecture Set
Your Challenge - young designers
Your Challenge - advanced designers

How to submit


1. must include at least 5 square photos*  including photos of sketches, brainstorming list, WIP, final project 

2. written description or drawings

3. video presentation with link to youtube or vimeo content- (signed release)

 * any photo with child needs signed release

5. share your post on Facebook and/or instagram with tags @3duxdesign and @billionboxproject @3duxuniversity  

Featured results

 This group did quite a bit of planning to make sure their bridge would make it across the river without collapsing. They also needed to make sure the ferry would be able to pass below.

This k-2 team decided that the engineers would appreciate a fun tubular slide to work. When asked how exactly the team would get home in a one way slide, they felt that it would be excellent exercise to climb up. 

Team work and collaboration results in some pretty solid results. This bridge was not only tall enough to allow for ferries and barges to pass underneath, but the team also placed a support beam mid-river to create a much more stable structure.

more results coming soon

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