Design Thinking takes on Technology

Admit it, we all love modern technology. Nothing beats ordering 25 pounds of kitty litter on Monday and having at your doorstep on Tuesday (before your cat has a chance to poop). It’s also great to know exactly where every single one of your friends is at any moment in time on snapchat. 

modern technology conveniences

But there’s something missing. Eye contact, direct face to face conversation, a pat on the back when supporting a friend.  Without that, we are all at risk of losing the emotional attachment that comes with real life human to human contact. This gave us an idea for our next lesson….

 3duxDesign educational tool for early childhood that encourages communication skills and socialization

Design a home for family of 2 that encourages face to face conversation and discourages use of electronics in the home. 

 Here are some of the ideas kids came up with....

"No outlets in some rooms so you can't use your iPad in those rooms."

3duxdesign lesson plans that encourage design thinking in early childhood

"Open floor plan so the person cooking can talk to the other person." 

cultural expression through architecture for children

"Sofas should face each other rather than facing the TV"

architecture set for early education 4 years and up

"A zen garden for mediation and quiet conversation."

zen garden for two cardboard model

"Dinner table with seat facing each other. The bathroom should be private though."

tiny house model for family with interior design set for young children 

Want more kids to learn about design thinking in the classroom? The goal of our kickstarter campaign is to get 3DuxDesign Products and Curriculum into more schools. Be a part of the movement to bring STEAM education to early learning 
Want to add design thinking to your STEM program? Learn more about 3DuxDesign Architecture sets for Educators
cardboard construction creating a city with urban planning curriculum


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