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Hands-on modeling with cardboard construction is a fun, easy, and cost-effective way to STEAM upyour out-of school programs. 3DuxDesign's award-winning modeling system and design challenges offer kids the perfect introduction to the world of architecture and engineering. With a wide range of resources, from 1-2 hour make-n- take projects to full-length curriculum, your k-8 students will be inspired to design, build, and create!

Students hone their STEM skills as they construct innovations from a sustainable tiny house for modern living to engineering simple machines for animals at the town zoo! Or better yet, host a camp-wide “Build a Cardboard City” Event and watch the magic happen as campers, staff (and yep- even directors) collaborate to imagine, design and build the sustainable community of the future!

Why 3DuxDesign?

  • cost-effective, reusable materials
  • projects range from individual,1-hour design challenges to full-week or longer curriculum 
  • projects for pre-k though 8th grade
  • turnkey, easy-to-follow facilitator guides
  • easy and fun way to introduce STEM
  • Make-N-Take kits as low as $10 per student

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Make-N-Take Kits

Filled with everything kids need. Individualized for safety and easy transport. 

product image of 3duxdesign maker materials for remote learning in backpack

Easy-to-follow project guides

See a sample project:

Bees, Pollinator Pathways and Game Design

3DuxDesign reusable bulk material kits

A cost effective solution with 

reusable components for multiple groups

  • UNIQUE AND CREATIVE : 3D modeling blends art, design and STEM

  • BROADEN YOUR MARKET: invite students and friends across the country

  • FAST AND EASY: detailed facilitator written guide and video tutorial

  • NO STARTUP COST: order only what you need

  • LET US  DO THE SHIPPING: we'll drop ship materials to each student

Program options

  • SCHOOL STEM NIGHTS : 60-75 minute Zoom highly interactive team-building STEM experience for kids, teachers and parents (grades k-5)

  • PLAYDATES : individual 45-60 minute small group team-building STEM/engineering crafts (ages 4-8)

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES: one hour of facilitator lead games and themed-based crafts. Choose from any of the (4) 3DuxDesign themed kits (ages 4-8)

  • BUILD A CITY: a 4-lesson architecture and urban design program where students collaborate to imagine, design and build a sustainable community of the future (ages 6-9)

Learn more about our products and programs

Remote Playdates

classroom collaborative community project

Playdates are designed as single 45-60 minute facilitator-lead projects for 4-6 students. Ideal for ages 4-5 with supervision or 6-8 independently. We will drop ship the materials needed  to each student. 

Remote Parties

make-n-take after school architecture sets

Lead  your little customers in a celebration with with family and friends both near and far with a themed remote Birthday Party. Children can choose from any one of our 3DuxDesign Architecture Sets for a fun and interactive hands on experience. 

Build-a-City Extended Program

urban planning program for after school

In this 4-session program, students will learn about community and STEM concepts as they work together to design and build a working city of the future. Ideal for ages 6-8.

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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

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