Buzzy Bees, Pollinator Pathways and Game Design

Learn and Build

Understand bees' importance in our community. Design and build solutions to ensure their survival.

Create a No-Tech Coding Game

Using your knowledge about bees, design a pollinator pathway game using block-code. image of modern tiny home

Bumble Bee Bot Races

Use the engineering design process. physics and electrical circuits to build a speedy bee.

Presented by:

Marci Klein, MD

Dean, 3DuxUniversity

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Student Worksheets
  • Game pieces
  • Materials
  • How to Submit
  • Standards
  • educator tutorial

print one per team

Print one set per player

architecture and art challenge file

Game board (if not using community build)

architecture and art challenge file

the basics

gobox - classroom kit


level up with LED circuits

gobox pro  LED lighting


build to scale like real engineers

Flexible Sitemap Mat


We LOVE to brag about our 3DuxDesign Innovators! Here are some ways to share:

Post your projects with us on social using the tag and hashtags @3duxdesign #3duxdesign 

Submit your project using this form for a chance to be featured on the 3DuxDesign Global Student Showcase!  

Send us photos of your project, your sketches, your story, and any videos 


Featured Student Projects

This kindergarten class in King George, Virginia went above and bee-yond with their pollinator pathway. They designed a pathway with all the things bees need to survive. They built their city using recycled cardboard, blocks and 3Dux Connectors and then used magazine cutouts to add native flowering plants for food. One student shared, "The marbles are placed in a shallow dish with water so the bees can stand on the marbles while they drink". The class read about this in their research. The 3DuxDesign team was surprised to learn that bees don't like to get their feet wet! 

 The bees seem to be quite happy frolicking in nature with the birds and all the fresh water (the carpet) they need. These students even created a playground to help set the scene for a real life setting. If you think these bees are just sitting around enjoying nature, think again. They are actually robots and were programed by the students to act out the role they would play in a real city.  

The 3rd Grade class in Renton, Washington decided to take what they learned and apply to the world outside. These bee homes were designed as a safe haven for these buzzy little buddies.

A note from the teacher. "This is just the beginning of my bee challenge submissions! This group wanted to suspend it in the air, so the bees could enjoy a home in the sky! Their message says, "Dear bees, you are welcome here anytime. This house is just for you!" 3DuxDesign projects have not only inspired us to recycle cardboard, but we are now saving the planet in addition to endangered species! 3Dux has taught my students that anything is possible. For this project my students researched the local bee population and which plants they preferred. We learned a lot about bees! This particular group requested rose mallows."

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