3Dux/design sets are perfect for schools, museums, after-school STEM/STEAM programs, and inventor clubs. We are actively growing our educator community and want to make our products easy to include in your curriculum.
hope school bridgeport class with 3Dux/design3Dux/design Architectural modeling sets integrate math and engineering concepts with art, design and open-ended imaginative play. Using 3D printed connectors and geometric forms, children will imagine, design, build and then rethink their creations.  

schools work with 3Dux/design in maker space

Our reusable connectors fit most recycled cardboard so students have endless raw material to work with, are able to reconfigure their project without the use of messy glue and tape. 3DuxDesign products are a cost effective learning tool for any classroom.

Want 3Dux/design in your school?

3Dux/design in the classroom
  • Connectors are engineered to fit most single ply cardboard so  students will never run out of raw material to work with and learn about creative repurposing while they build.
  • Lesson plans and prompts are available for all grade levels. 
  • Specialty pre-discounted GOBOX and GOBOX PLUS available 
  • Each Iconic Home kit includes connectors, geometric forms and crayons for 2-3 students
  • Educators receive special discounts on our retail products. Please email marci@3duxdesign.com for your discount code.

See 3DuxDesign in Action

link to more information about ayana and ethan klein teen entrepreneur and inventors

Fundraising kits, STEM/STEAM event packages, and more are available on request.

3duxDesign modeling sets for school fundraiser craft and school program collaborative building projects

 Here are some examples of past events

Intro to Architecture / a Minds-in-Motion gifted student event 
Building the Zaniac Community
Building the Sustainable City of the Future at the Discovery Museum
3Dux/design Made with Play event hosted by Institute of Play in NYC

3Dux/design awards and press




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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

Contact marci@3duxdesign.com for details

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