Geometry 101: lesson plan for 4-6 year olds



Goal: children will construct a 3D house using cardboard and connectors. They will learn about angles and how to use a ruler in a practical, real-life situation.

Supplies needed

  • 3Dux/design cardboard connectors - 90 , 60 and 120 degree angles for house construction and 3-way connectors for standup characters (all available in our assorted connector sets)
  • Cardboard shapes for house and characters. For this, you will need to pre-cut rectangles for front, back walls and roof and a pentagon for the sidewalls- templates for this are attached below)

cardboard house template

  • Crayons
  • Ruler 

The lesson 

1 show children a model of the house and discuss the different geometric shapes used in this project

2. Disassemble the model showing the different connectors used to attach front, back, roof and (an open door)

3 show how the 60, 90, and 120 degree angles make the door open different amounts, 

4. Give names for acute, right, and obtuse angles, have them repeat

5. Take ruler and measure the length of side walls and roof. 

6. Have children measure their side walls and roof pieces

7. Have children color pieces and then construct their house

8. Have each child show their house and discuss what connector they used for different parts. 

9. If time allows, let children color and cut out characters for their house or disassemble house and create other structures using the same pieces


the duplex home for urban living


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