Geometry 101: lesson plan for 4-6 year olds



Goal: children will construct a 3D house using cardboard and connectors. They will learn about angles and how to use a ruler in a practical, real-life situation.

Supplies needed

  • 3Dux/design cardboard connectors - 90 , 60 and 120 degree angles for house construction and 3-way connectors for standup characters (all available in our assorted connector sets)
  • Cardboard shapes for house and characters. For this, you will need to pre-cut rectangles for front, back walls and roof and a pentagon for the sidewalls. Print two copies of the sheet below, cut out shapes and use as template for cardboard. Then child can color the pages and glue to the cardboard

cardboard house template

 Materials needed include-

  • one set 3Dux/design conectors
  • cardboard
  • Crayons
  • Ruler 
mandala craft house with cardboard

The lesson 

1 show children a model of the house and discuss the different geometric shapes used in this project

2. Disassemble the model showing the different connectors used to attach front, back, roof. Use a simple rectangle piece for a door

mandala house deconstructed

3 demonstrate how the 60, 90, and 120 degree angles make the door open different amounts, 

4. Give names for acute, right, and obtuse angles

5. For added learning, discuss different relatives sizes of the house components. Then use ruler to measure the length of side walls and roof. 

6. Have children measure the front, side walls and roof pieces

7. Have children color pieces and then construct their house

9. If time allows, let children color and cut out characters for their house or disassemble house and create other structures using the same pieces

cut out characters

the midcentury modern home

midcentury modern home architectural model

colored templates

mandate house roof mandala house sidewall craft template mandala house front and back




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