5 Year Old Learns Electricity and Circuits

Learning about Circuits and LED lighting at 6 years old is easy when you get to Light a House for Lil' Pup

This young man has been following along with 3DuxDesign's progress since our early days. They found our products on instagram when we launched the company and have been fans ever since! Way back when this little guy was 4, he loved our Fire Station kit.

watch how one little boy plays with 3DuxDesign cardboard construction set

Since we are both a year older and wiser, we felt that this fan should be the first to try out our new LED lighting set and boy did he dive right in!! 

3DuxDesign Power pack - LED lighting set for learning basic circuits and electricity



As noted in their blog post, Find the Little Mind, "The kit comprises of an info sheet, explaining the basics of circuits and electricity to kids. This was fun to read through first with my 5 year old so that he actually understood what he was doing and why it was causing the lights to shine. Then came the fun part- building his very own little dog house with working lights."

5 year old kindergarten student learns LED lightingShe goes on to explain, "He was obviously way too excited to build the whole dog house, so we just built the front part and added the LED lights to begin with. What I love about the 3DUXDesign products is that they are 100% catering for kids' ability levels. The tasks are simple and achievable, which meant my son could be hands-on with the project and get that all important sense of achievement. He built the LED light circuit by following the instructions, with all necessary materials being included in the box".

preschool learns about electrcity, LED lighting, fine motor and 3D spatial concepts by building cardboard houses

"Then he was ready to start constructing the little house for the toy dog which came with the set. It was fun that he had a focus for the building project, it really brought out his imagination. The final stage of the project was to add his own personal touch to the dog house by decorating it. We used our Kwik Stix as they dry in 90 seconds and enable lots of bright colors to be added. This set is simple and engaging for kids, the perfect combination for younger STEM learners!

play based learning with LED lighting and circuits

Brighten up your child's day with

3DuxDesign Electricity 101 LED Lighting Set today!

read more about the 3DuxDesign makers, our mission, and products at www.3duxdesign.com





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