Tiny Detectives and Deep Fakes: A Playful Introduction to a Taboo Topic

Tiny Detectives and Deep Fakes: 

A Playful Introduction to a Taboo Topic

Introducing young students to the concept of deep fakes can sometimes raise eyebrows among schools and educators. Yet, in today's digital realm, understanding how technology can warp reality is vital for cultivating sharp young minds.

In a recent workshop, students embarked on an imaginative journey using 3DuxDesign modeling sets to construct a pint-sized town. Armed with paper characters, their task was to create their own stories, exploring the potential for deception in media.

One student, inspired by a love of mysteries, crafted a tale of an "ice cream shop robbery." In their narrative, a mischievous raccoon framed an innocent bystander for stealing delicious treats. The twist? The raccoon cleverly fabricated a photo, manipulating the evidence to place blame on the unsuspecting character.

As the story unfolded, clues emerged: strawberry ice cream drips found on the real culprit's  shoe, providing the crucial evidence that turned the tables. This exercise not only sparked creativity and built literacy skills but also deepened their awareness of how easily misinformation can sway perceptions.

Through this playful exploration, children discover that what meets the eye isn't always the truth. This project not only supports media literacy but also enhances literacy skills in the classroom, offering a cross-curricular experience. It empowers kids to approach digital content with a savvy mind, recognizing that not everything is as it seems.

In a world where truth can be elusive, these hands-on activities equip our future leaders with the acumen to navigate a landscape where distinguishing fact from fiction is paramount.

Try these digital tools for your next 3DuxDesign project:

Littles: Chatter Pix

Older students: Doink, Greenscreen, Photoshop and Canva for green screen. iMovie and WeeVideo for video editing. 

watch the video!

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