Episode 13: Fun with Friction

Learn about the forces of gravity and friction with this fun project.

A day of play and Sledding at the 3DuxDesign Winter Park

  • Watch the video to learn about forces.

  • Gather your craft supplies. 

  • Design your experiment. 

  • Test your and record your data.

  • Take photos and share to be featured.


  • cardboard and connectors 
  • tape or glue gun
  • scissors 
  • markers or paint for decorating,  
  • small weight (eg. ziplock with sand or dry rice), 
  • variety of smooth and rough surfaces
  •  stop-watch

Watch the video...

Download drafting paper

draft paper download


  1. Draft project design on paper. Include the materials needed and construction of sled and the hill. Include at least 3 different surfaces to test with different textures. 
  2. Sled design and build. Consider design factors that will increase speed like materials for bottom surface, weight, and distribution of weight
  3. Hill design and build. Consider how to construct the hill and how you will exchange surface materials easily. Of note, slope of hill should remain the same for each part of the experiment
  4. Lab sheets: Create a hypothesis for what will happen  with each surface. Create a data sheet to document speed and any observations with each trial.
  5. Refine project. Did anything not work the way imagined? Think about why and redesign the structures or project to improve. Repeat experiment and collect data
  6. Conclusion: what were the results and explain.  Ideas for discussion..

Need materials for this project?

GO-Pack Maker Kit
gobox - classroom kit

To be featured, please submit high quality photos, detailed description of your project and/or a link to your own youtube video. If you have a great idea for a lesson and want to be a guest host, let us know.

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