Episode 14: Shadow Play on Groundhog Day

Experiment with Light and Shadows with your Furry Friend the Groundhog 

to Celebrate his Special Day

  • Watch the videos to learn about groundhogs, light and shadows

  • Gather your craft supplies. 

  • Design your experiment. 

  • Test your and record your data.

  • Take photos and share to be featured.


  • cardboard and connectors (or tape/glue)
  • tape or glue gun
  • scissors 
  • markers or paint for decorating 
  • print the idea board, groundhog and ruler  
  • flashlight
  • optional - translucent materials 

Watch the video...

All about groundhogs and their special day:

Learn about light and shadows:

Optional opaque, transparent and translucent:

Get Ready for your Experiment

Download idea board and ruler

draft paper download

Download templates

Need materials for this project?

GO-Pack Maker Kit
gobox - classroom kit

To be featured, please submit high quality photos, detailed description of your project and/or a link to your own youtube video. If you have a great idea for a lesson and want to be a guest host, let us know.

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