Emotion Tracker Pal

The Emotion Tracker craft helps support social emotional learning by helping students identify and express their feelings while building geometry and 3D spatial skills.

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Print and cut out theshapes

Use the template to cut out your emotions and expression shapes. Use the blanks to create your own..

Build your Emotion Tracker Pal

Use the pieces to build your pal to match your feelings. Change your pal to match your mood!. 

Display your pal to share with peers

Put you pal on your desk so your friends, family and teacher know how your feeling throughout the day!

Presented by:

Marci Klein M.D.

co-founder, 3DuxDesign

As an NYU-trained pediatrician with a fellowship in academic medicine, Dr. Klein creates content to support holistic learning experiences that support kids academic and social-emotional growth.

  • Download the project sheets
  • Watch the video tutorial
  • Print graph paper and rulers
  • Get materials
  • How to Submit

Emotion Tracker Downloads

Halloween-Themed Extras

Once your students can identify their own emotions, see if they can use their skills to name these creepy critters' feelings too!

GOBOX Classroom Kit

gobox - classroom kit

Each  GOBOX Classroom kit comes with over 400 connectors, 500 cardboard shapes and downloadable lessons for a class of 25 - 30 students. Ages 4+


GOBOX Pro - LED lighting

STEM with Friends Supply Kit

Each  STEM WITH FRIENDS kit comes with 20 connectors and 20 assorted geometric shapes, perfect for this craft and more. Add recycled cardboard shapes for more unique pals. Ages 3+


Maker Kit for Home

GO-Pack Maker Kit

Everything you need to create your Emotion Tracker Pal AND enjoy the wide range of 3Dux projects is in the 3DuxDesign Go-Pack. 45 connectors, 50 cardboard shapes and tons of other maker materials. 


We LOVE to brag about our 3DuxDesign Innovators! Here are some ways to share:

Post your projects with us on social using the tag and hashtags @3duxdesign #3duxdesign 

Submit your project using this form for a chance to be featured on the 3DuxDesign Global Student Showcase!  

Send us photos of your project, your sketches, your story, and any videos 


This project was inspired by a customer, Luisa and her two little ones who used 3DuxDesign Go-Pack to craft their own "Emotion Checker", a fun and engaging craft that uses play therapy while helping kids find and name the emotions they are feeling. By creating a rotating face with different expressions along with adjustable written expression cards, children use a combination of verbal and non-verbal ways to share their emotions. Luisa is a stay-at-home mom and home schooler who also happens to have an MA and BA in education, a PhD in Chemistry and in all of her free time, creates beautiful STEM-based lesson plans for early learning which are available on her website, Tinyn3rds. You can find lots of fun STEM/SEL projects that work with 3DuxDesign kits at her shop.

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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

Contact marci@3duxdesign.com for details

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