Iman Rasti, Ph.D. 

Founder at OMNIS Creative Teaching Pathways
Wellness Co-director, Rippowam Cisqua School

After more than a decade of teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. Rasti made a slight career change in 2012 and started working as a K-12 educator with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of our educational system, one school at a time.  
For the past six years, Dr. Rasti has worked as a middle school English and humanities teacher, English department chair, teacher trainer, creativity educator, mindfulness coach, and holistic executive functioning consultant in CT and NY.He is currently the co-director of a wellness initiative and a member of a grassroot innovation cohort at an independent school in NY where he has been selected, along with a very small group of faculty, to be changemakers in school’s creative vision and curriculum. 

 Dr. Rasti is also an Advisory Board Member of Choose Creativity, a non-profit based in New York City, dedicated to working with schools across the world to apply principles of creativity in the daily lives of students and their parents.Dr. Rasti’s recent work on creative teaching and executive functioning is featured in The Creativity Post and Sparkitivity.Dr. Rasti regularly speaks and runs workshops.

He is also the founder of OMNIS Creative Teaching Pathways where he offers creative teaching and learning frameworks that help classroom teachers embed critical executive functioning skills into the body of their content lessons without compromising the integrity of their curriculum.



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