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Hands-on modeling with cardboard construction is a fun, easy, and cost-effective way to STEAM up your out-of school programs. The 3DuxDesign award-winning modeling system and design challenges offer youth the perfect introduction to the world of architecture and engineering. With a wide range of turnkey resources, from 1-2 hour make-n-take projects to full-length curriculum, your K-8 students will be inspired to design, build, and create!

Why 3DuxDesign?

  • Cost-effective, reusable materials
  • Projects for pre-k though 8th grade
  • Turnkey, easy-to-follow facilitator guides
  • Easy and fun way to introduce STEM
  • Make-N-Take kits as low as $10 per student
  • Projects range from individual 1-hour design challenges to full-week or longer curriculum 

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3DuxDesign kits include everything your program needs for a complete, turnkey STEM experience. Choose from a variety of make-n-take individual student kits to bulk classroom sets, perfect for programs that plan to keep and reuse materials.

product image of 3duxdesign maker materials for remote learning in backpack

Individual Student Kits

Go-Pack Personal Maker Kit

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GO-Pack Maker Kit

Go-Pack PRO Maker Kit LED Lighting

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GO-Pack PRO Maker Kit with LED lighting

Design a Space Station Book-N-Build

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Design a Space Station Book-N-Build

Bulk Classroom Kits

GOBOX- Classroom Kit

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gobox - classroom kit

Flexible Sitemap Mat

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Flexible Sitemap Mat
Classroom Cardboard Refill
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cardboard box with geometric forms


We offer a full range of turnkey faciitator guides that will help your team lead student activities and projects. Choose a series of quick and easy basic design challenges or take a deeper dive with multi-day or extended project options.  

Sample Design Challenges 

  • 1-3 hours per project
  • Pre-K through 8th grade

Emotion Tracker Pal

alphabet lesson plan 3DuxDesign Basic Design Challenge

The Emotion Tracker Pal craft helps support social emotional learning by helping students identify and express their feelings while building geometry and 3D spatial skills.

Save the Bees / Game Design

Buzzy Bees Pollinator Pathway Design Challenge Enrichment Program

Students explore bees importance in our community and design a game to ensure their survival. This project builds life science and computational thinking skills.

Design an Accessible Playground

Build a Playspace Design Challenge Enrichment Program

Let students' imagination soar as they take a deep dive into the design thinking process. Use the innovation mindset and empathy to build an accessible playground for all children. 

Sample Weeklong Lessons

  • 4-6 hours per project
  • Pre-K through 8th grade
Tiny House Challenge

Your team of young architects will design a dream home by creating the perfect living space for their clients. In this project, students will learn math, science, engineering, and environmental studies skills as they innovate solutions for small space and sustainable living.

tiny house challenge 3duxdesign enrichment program lesson plan
Reimagine the Modern Zoo

Your young engineers have just been hired to upgrade the world famous Community Zoo in your town! Their job is to redesign the animals' enclosures, making sure that the animals are safe, healthy, and happy and that visitors can have a truly interactive and educational experience. In this project students will learn: life science, design thinking, engineering machines, (and optional: financial literacy) skills.

Modern zoo design challenge 3duxdesign enrichment program

Build a City Curriculum

  • 15+ hours 
  • Grades 3 - 12

The Global Futures Design Lab is an interdisciplinary team-based challenge that connects students to the world around them. Using the 3DuxDesign 4-step design thinking process and materials, students explore and celebrate culture, community and the environment as they collaborate to design solutions to real world problems. Projects culminate in a final presentation and may be featured on our Global Student Showcase offering youth the perfect platform to share their ideas and take an active role in changing the world for the better. 


Want something special? We can create custom products and programs based on your organization's needs. 

Options include:

  • Custom and co-branded kits

  • Lesson plans and curriculum development 
  • Professional development and staff training

product image of 3duxdesign maker materials for remote learning in backpack
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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

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