Mission: Community zoo modernization 

Engineers: Nanuet, NY 2nd graders

A word about the project from Community Zoo Director, MaryRose Palumbo

🐼 It was a zoo at George W. Miller Elementary School at the end of the 2023-24 school year. No, this had nothing to do with rambunctious students anxiously awaiting summer vacation - there was a makeshift zoo set up in the school cafeteria, created by Nanuet second grade STEM students!

🐯 The class was “hired” as engineers, in charge of designing animal enclosures for the world famous Nanuet Zoo. Applying engineering skills and the 4 “C’s” (Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication), the young zoologists created habitats for five different animals. Each enclosure was based on a presented challenge and required the use of a simple machine (and a lot of cardboard).

🐘 “This project brings together a lot of the skills and concepts students have been developing throughout the year,” says Miller’s STEM teacher MaryRose Palumbo who notes how students worked together to gather information for each enclosure. “They put a lot of thought into how to make the zoo exhibit and did a great job solving problems throughout the process.”

🐻‍❄️ And they couldn’t wait to share it with their kindergarten and first grade classmates. “The students were so excited. I am so proud of these engineers!”

🐧 Thank you to 3Dux Design for the amazing concept! 3DuxDesign! 

Thanks to MaryRose Palumbo and the Nanuet School District, these 2nd grade engineers had an experience they will never forget. They learned about animals, habitats, simple machines and forces. They learned how to work together, solve problems, communicate and create. They learned to plan, test, overcome failure and persevere. They felt a true sense of value and accomplishment sharing and teaching the 1st grade and kindergarten students. And the best part, every student had an opportunity to feel success. 

Nanuet Student STEM Awards

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