Fardeen Blaq

3Dux Design Consultant for Kenya
Young CEO Fardeen Productions
Co-Founder / Ambassador Fardeen FC Trailblazers
2020 recipient of Diana Award

Time is a powerful revelator. The son of the Global Citizen Visionary, Edutainment Enthusiast, and Music Director Blaq Deen, Fardeen Blaq believes that we have all the means and knowledge available to significantly increase the quality of learning experience and provide access to education to everybody globally and is constantly seeking opportunities to make this happen.

Education should not just be about a "system," but rather it should be a responsibility across all our institutions, and certainly for all public actors. Wanting to make this a reality, Fardeen enrolled his father to help him set up the Fardeen FC Trailblazers Football Team where they implement the FIFA Grassroots football through education program that ensures that the learners get an all round education based on their individual interest.

Through the Fardeen FC Trailblazers program, Fardeen safeguards the rights of children under the Convention of Children’s Rights. This has saved the children, 100+ boys and girls between the ages of U-9 to U-16 from vices like drug abuse, child trafficking, joining gangs, early pregnancies, etc. The program has strengthened community ties by ensuring that everyone is accountable for the well-being of the children from their parents to the coaches and teachers in schools. This through a foolproof accountability mechanism.

Because of the work Fardeen has done through his team he got recognition in 2020 as the youngest Diana Award Recipient in Africa.

He is rallying his peers who recognize that they have an innate power to change the world as young people and are willing to take the responsibility to see it happen.

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