Meet the 3DuxUniversity faculty contributors. Thought leaders from around the globe engage students with design challenges, lessons and tutorials.  Professional designers, architects, scholars, engineers, and environmental stewards have joined the 3DuxDesign community, sharing their passion and inspiring children to stretch their imagination, ideate and create. 

Dean, 3DuxUniversity

Bridgeport, CT

Product developer / Engineer

3DuxDesign - Bridgeport CT

Product developer / Architect

3DuxDesign - WashU, St Louis MS

Educational Content Consultant

Omnis Creative Teaching Pathways

Distinguished Superintendent &  Leader

American Graduates Champion for Children

Academic Consultant, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, U Connecticut

Elementary educator, Photographer

Owner, Mrs Casella's Classroom

bob claymier stem educator and 3Duxuniversity contributor

Elementary STEM Consultant

Founder, STEM is Elementary

Advisor to 3DuxDesign, 

Trade Area Marketing Group

Artist, Organic Landscape Designer

J.Barney Toad

Advisor to 3DuxDesign

CEO The Henry Ford, 

CEO and  founder, The STEMIE Coalition

Director, OASE,Education Manager 

James Madison University

Director, Kenya Global Peace Chain

Associate Faculty, Dpt. of Governance, 

Peace and Security, Africa Nazarene University

Communications and Media, 

Unfold Creative Agency

Director, Raising Creative Thinkers

Amazon Author

Design challenge contributor

Aeronautics engineer, Hamburg Germany