early childhood learning geometry engineering and STEM through cardboard construction

a note from the dean

Why 3DuxUniversity?

As parents, we strive to give our children the tools they need to succeed. We focus on healthy bodies, healthy minds, building self confidence and giving them a solid education. 

We want our children to be passionate about life, to become visionaries and innovators. 

But innovation is not only about learning from a textbook or on a screen. It’s also about creativity, design, the environment and people. It’s about being both inspired and empowered to design solutions to real world problems. And, it’s about sharing those ideas, being heard. 

By connecting aspiring youth with scholars and professionals passionate about what they do in the fields of architecture, engineering, sustainability, art and design, we believe children will be inspired to learn. They will gain wisdom from others and become innovators and thought leaders themselves. Through human centered design challenges, they gain empathy and compassion, virtues that may be at risk in an increasingly plugged in world.  

 At3Dux University, we encourage children to imaginatively and practically think through and solve problems from around the world. OurInternational Collaborative Program introduces them to distant cultures and unique environments. They will learn about the challenges people face across the globe. Our young scholars learn how to design a better future by building structures and environments using the award winning 3DuxDesign Architecture system. 

By giving children the tools to imagine, design, create and reimagine, the possibilities are infinite and the reward is incalculable.

marci klein, dean of 3DuxDesign, entrepreneur and pediatrician

Marci Klein, M.D.

Pediatrician, designer, educator

Dean, 3DuxUniversity

3d structural modeling house with cardboard construction

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