The Power House • LED lighting
The Power House • LED lightingThe Power House • LED lightingThe Power House • LED lighting
  • each box will supply materials for up to 3 students

  • Fits most single ply cardboard

  • Works with 3Dux University lesson plans and independent projects

  • Typically ships within 48 hours

  • Safe checkout

  • ages 6+ / choking hazard - small parts

  • Contains

  • 34 assorted connectors
  • 42 geometric cardboard forms, white on one side
  • 4 crayons 
  • 4 LED light bulbs with built in resistors 
  • 2 alligator clips 
  • specialty conductive tape 
  • AAA battery holder (battery not included)

Light up your Iconic Home Architecture Set with our LED lighting add-on feature. Follow our instruction sheet to help your young designers will learn about electricity and circuits while they imagine, design, decorate and light up their home.This kit includes all cardboard pieces, connectors, crayons and LED lighting components necessary to create the proposed architectural design along with extra components to let your imagination take over.