No Need for Fancy Equipment

Mr Casella shows us how natural 

lighting, simple props and a phone camera can make your photos pop.

Perspective and Backgrounds

Get creative with different backgrounds and learn about unique perspectives. There's no wrong way to take a photo. image of modern tiny home

It's all in the Details

Don't be afraid to get up close with your camera; delight your viewer with all the fine details and textures of your project.

Presented by:

Lisa Casella

Educator, Photographer

Teachers Pay Teachers Author

Mrs. Casella's TPT store includes tons of classroom lessons and a full bundle of how to Create your own Photography Club

To print this activity simply drag the sheets in the tabs below onto you desktop

  • A message from your host, Mrs. Casella
  • The Subject
  • Lighting
  • Get Creative
  • Perspective
  • Materials
  • Send us your Photos

Drag the worksheet onto your desktop to print

Drag this worksheet onto your desktop to print

For this activity, you can use any of the 3DuxDesign Architectural modeling sets below, 3Dux connectors with your own craft materials or use only materials in your home. 

  • Any 3DuxDesign architecture kit or 3DuxDesign connectors + recycled cardboard 

  • assorted lamps and natural lighting

    Optional materials:

  • shoe or other cardboard box

  • scissors (always cut cardboard with help from an adult)

  • crayons, markers or paint materials

Connectors Set.Jumbo


1. Send photos of project plus any sketches, brainstorming ideas, work in progress. Even "mess-ups" are great for sharing! 

2. Include written description or drawings if available

3. Video presentation with link to youtube or vimeo 

 * any photo/video with child needs signed release (drag onto desktop, fill out and return photo of signed document) 

5. Share your post on Facebook and/or instagram with tags @3duxdesign , @billionboxproject , @3duxuniversity 


Featured Results 

3rd grade students, Renton WA

cardboard craft sailboat and animals

Head shot of our cat with star  prop, in natural setting. 

Eye level viewpoint. 

cardboard architecture, eye level view

Portrait of a cat with star prop in natural setting.

"Becoming the subject" viewpoint when human subject is standing in front of cat.

cardboard craft sailboat and animals

Check out our new ride! Hand-crafts wheels and backdrop.

Bird's eye view.

cardboard architecture, eye level view

A day at the racetrack. Concrete roadway, Hand-made backdrop. Earthworm view. 

More student projects and viewpoints...

cardboard craft sailboat and animals

Ocean travels. Made with the 3Dux Birdhouse kit and recycled materials 

cardboard architecture, eye level view

A visitor arrives.

"Becoming the Subject"  view from a window." 

photograping with perspective angled view of project

"My tiny house"

Bird's eye view. 

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