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3duxdesign cardboard architecture sets offer best variety of sustainable modeling materials for stem



Our mission is to inspire today's youth to become tomorrow's innovators.

 At 3DuxDesign, we realize innovation is not only about math and science but also art, design, the environment and people. We encourage children to imaginatively and practically think through solutions to real world problems by building structures and environments using the 3DuxDesign award winning architectural modeling system. A variety of connectors and geometric cardboard forms let children build anything they can imagine. The connectors are engineered to fit most cardboard so almost any shipping box can be transformed into building material. Children never run out of raw material to work with, have the ability to make their own shapes and learn about creative repurposing while they construct.

At 3DuxUniversity, by connecting aspiring youth with scholars and professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, sustainability, art and design, we believe children will learn innovation and at the same time gain the wisdom and compassion that may be at risk in this plugged in world. By giving children the tools to imagine, design, create and reimagine, 

the possibilities are infinite and the reward is incalculable.

​No Batteries • No Charger • No Rules • Just 100% Pure Imagination!

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