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3duxdesign cardboard architecture sets offer best variety of sustainable modeling materials for stem
Our Mission
3DuxDesign is committed to promoting STEAM Education by offering an engaging platform that blends art, creativity and design thinking with geometry and engineering concepts. Using environmentally responsible materials, we offer today's youth the tools to make a better tomorrow. 
​No Batteries • No Charger • No Rules • Just 100% Pure Imagination!
girls and bouys learning architecture and engineering with cardboard construction

A variety of connectors and geometric cardboard forms let children build anything they can imagine. The connectors are engineered to fit most cardboard so almost any shipping box can be transformed into building material. Children never run out of raw material to work with, have the ability to make their own shapes and learn about creative repurposing while they construct.

recycle cardboard with our architecture sets using 3Dux connectors

3DuxDesign modeling sets are perfect when used in the home for independent, unplugged creative play. They are also used the classroom as a part of a STEM/STEAM curriculum. Museum and after school programs make use of 3Dux materials and lesson prompts as a part of their play-based educational program offerings. Our product inspires young designers all over the world to become thinkers, makers, and innovators.

link to 3dux cardboard construction kickstarter video  
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