Sustainable Energy Accessory.Set
Sustainable Energy Accessory.SetSustainable Energy Accessory.SetSustainable Energy Accessory.SetSustainable Energy Accessory.SetSustainable Energy Accessory.SetSustainable Energy Accessory.Set
  • Each box supplies 8 sets designed for a class of 25, working in teams of 3-4. Each set includes:

    • 1 solar panel with wires
    • 1 wind turbine with wires
    • 4 jumbo LED lights
    • 1 on/off switch
    • miniature LED voltmeter
    • shared bulk spool of copper tape
    • rubber bands (for turbine support)
    • 2-sided adhesive dots (for solar panel)

  • Free access to facilitator guide, student guide, quizzes, and worksheets included

  • Typically ships within 48 hours

  • Ages 9+ with guidance.  Choking hazard and contains electrical components.

This add-on set is perfect for bringing your city to life with renewable energy! Grades 4 -12 students will build circuits. They'll measure power generated using solar and wind energy sources, and use they creativity and STEM skills to electrify an entire community! This accessory set contains materials for up to 32 students working in teams of 3-4***. Access to downloadable facilitator guide, student guides, quizzes and worksheets is included with purchase. 

Novice students will light their structures with simple circuits, using wind and solar power. Advanced students will level up, taking a deeper dive into the engineering design process as they build parallel and series circuits, collect and analyze voltage data, and create a power grid for the perfect sustainable community of the future! 

***This set is the perfect supplement to the GOBOX Classroom or GOBOX PROSets which are sold separately.

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