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3DuxDesign Architecture Sets include everything you need to get your young designer thinking outside the box
All sets includes an assortment of geometric shapes, connectors and crayons to create the featured structure and additional pieces for characters, creatures, vehicles, and more. Add some power with our exclusive LED lighting kits. And don't forget, 3Dux connectors fit most shipping box cardboard, so you can recycle and make unique shapes for endless creativity.    


Iconic Home Architecture Set

The Iconic Home Architecture Set

The Iconic Home Architecture Set is the most open ended kit with everything a young designer needs to imagine, design, create and recreate. Ages 4+


Modern Museum Architecture Set

The Modern Museum Architecture Set

The Modern Museum Architecture Set has some unique geometric shapes to give your design a modern flair. Ages 5+


The Fire Station Architecture Set 

The Fire Station Architecture Set

The Fire Station Architecture Set offers shapes with open doorways so your fire truck can park inside. Ages 5+


The Rocket Ship

The Rocketship Set

The Rocket Ship comes with materials to build and decorate your rocket, a space scene, and even an alien (or astronaut). Ages 6+


Power House - LED lighting

The Power House • LED lighting

The Power House is the perfect product to teach budding engineers about electric circuits while they design, build and light up their creations. Ages 6+


3Dux Go-Pack Travel Kit

GO-Pack Maker Kit

The Go-Pack has everything you need to make models with moving parts and simple machines. Easy to carry backpack for makers on the go!


Connector Set - Medium

Connectors Set / variety

The 3DuxDesign Medium Connector Set includes of 30 connectors and is perfect for independent play at home. Save big when you buy in bulk for parties/stocking stuffers. Ages 4+


Connector Set - Jumbo

Connectors Set.Jumbo

The 3DuxDesign Jumbo Connector Set comes with 60 connectors and is perfect for building with your own cardboard and a buddy. Ages 4+


Cardboard Refill

Cardboard refills

The Cardboard Refill kit comes with over 50 shapes per box ranging from 1" to 10" 



Project-based learning, when done right, accommodates all types of learners. And paring literature with our cardboard modeling challenges supports them all! 

STEM Careers: Book-N-Build Set

STEM Careers: Book-N-Build Family Edition

3DuxDesign joins forces with STEM Superheroes creator Erin Twamley to bring your students an incredible STEM experience they will never forget!


Space Station Book-N-Build

Design a Space Station Book-N-Build

Read youth author Bella Spence's book and journey to outer space. Then design and build a space station on a newly discovered planet! 


Boxitects - Book-N-Build Set

Boxitects Storytime STEM-Pack Family Edition

The Boxitects Kit includes everything your kids need to make cardboard masterpieces, including material, Kim Smith's book and activity sheets. 




gobox - classroom kit

The GOBOX is the perfect set for families with lots of little builders, a cardboard construction themed party, or just one builder with a whole lot of energy. 


STEM with Friends Mini-Kit

STEM with Friends Supply Kit

Perfect individual maker set for basic STEM activities at home and group events like parties and more! 


Electricity 101 - Light Pup's house

Electricity 101 - LED lighting

The Pup's House is the perfect product to teach budding engineers about electric circuits while they design, build and light up a house for a little dog.


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stem with friends remote playdates

3DuxDesign wants to help keep kids connected. let us host a STEM With Friends Remote Playdate. Send each friend a kit and we will schedule a free design/build activity for you  and 5-10 of your besties  

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