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traditional Thai River house

The Traditional Thai River Homes date back thousands of years and are a beautiful example of how local culture and ecology are an integral part of the architecture in the area. In this project, students show how the homes along the river are designed using indigenous materials and are perfectly adapted for the hot, humid environment. 

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  • fun fact 1  - Thai work elephants
  • fun fact 2 - Thai Buddhism

Learn about the traditional Thai house, why elephants are the national animal of Thailand, and a unique supermarket

Learn about Thai Buddhism and the beautifully detailed wats.

Photo: Andrea Schaffer

The raised house offers protection from water and provides a cooling breeze for the hot, humid climate.

Kids and farm animals can also play outside in the cooler shade.

In a river community, the water is like a street. The "supermarket" is actually on a boat and contains local product and meats. These boats are usually all together in a single market. We think they should consider a delivery process like Uber Eats-Meets-Thailand. 

Elephants are the earth's largest land animal. They are also incredibly intelligent and loving. They live together in groups, called herds. The oldest female is always in charge. All of the elephants in a herd take care of the babies. They communicate with a rumbling sound that can be heard for up to two miles. Elephants are vegetarian and can eat up to 330 pounds (150 kg) of food per day. 

Because of deforestation, their natural habitat has been depleted. Also poachers will kill these beautiful creatures for their ivory tusks. As a result, the elephant is now an endangered species. If you want to help save the elephants, you should head over to theInternational Elephant Foundation

art by Ayana Klein

grade 4

Elephants LOVE to take baths, play with their friends and family, and roll around in the muddy water. 

Thai elephants are an integral part of the history and culture of Thailand. They are actually the national symbol and historically have been domesticated (trained) and used for heavy work in the fields and even for wars. In the past, Thai elephants were trained to work in the logging industry and were unwillingly forced to destroy the natural habitat they need for survival. When logging  became illegal, the elephants were used for tourism, where visitors would ride them and watch them do tricks. Not all trainers (mahouts) are nice to these beautiful beasts during the training period. If you ever plan to visit the elephants in Thailand, be sure to visit one of the many refuges where the animals are well cared for and protected. 

Buddhism is a religion that started about 2,500 years ago in India by Prince Sidartha who left his palace to help people of the world find peace and happiness. In his search for trying to find the answer to happiness, he spent 6 years meditating in a cave but he did not find the answers. But when he decided to  meditated in a lotus position under a huge fig tree in the village of Uruvela did he awaken filled with joy. That was when he became Buddha, also known as The Awakened One. From that time on, he shared his story with others. He believed that to find happiness and peace, one must always be respectful and good to others. 

Every man in Thailand is required to become a monk for a period of time before the age of 20 in order to receive good karma and merit. Most monks remain for at least a few weeks. They must shave their head and eyebrows, perform a number of ceremonies and they receive daily duties in the temple they reside at, such as cleaning. They  must not speak loudly or even laugh.

Thai Spirit house. Many Thai Buddhists have these spirit houses  on their property so Guardian (protective) Spirits can stay close. Thai also offer food to these spirits to keep them happy. It is believed that these guardian spirits will offer them protection and a lifetime of happiness and health

The Thai Buddhist Temple is called a wat. They are beautifully detailed and ornate with shimmering golden finials and and spires, colorful mosaic tiles, finely lacquered (shiny paint) details. 


Wat Benchamabophit, also known as the Marble Temple, is made of white Carrara marble  from Italy. This is a good example of modern Thai temple architecture mixed with Buddhist motifs and European influences.

Photo: Somphop Nithipaichit

Wat Arun, known as the Temple of Dawn, is named after the Hindu god Aruna, who looks like the rising sun. Its impressive 230ft (70m) spire is one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks

Photo: Daniel Nahabedian

Wat Sri Suphan stands out from all other temples in Chiang Mai due to its being entirely covered in locally crafted silver panels, both inside and out. The temple also houses a silver-working school to maintain the local silvercrafting industry.

Photo: Scott Sporleder 

Wat Dokeung is in the city of  Chiang May and is adorned in brilliant colors and incredible architectural details.

***Several photos and details were referenced from an online resource Metador Network. 

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Architecture, Design Thinking, and the 3Dux Creators

Architecture brings open-ended creativity and design thinking to traditional STEM learning. 

We are a team of designers, educators,  architects, engineers, artists and other thought leaders having some serious fun educating the next generation. Our project-based workshops inspire children to define problems, collaboratively explore solutions, create, and reevaluate. 3Dux classes incorporate a wide range of topics including sustainability,  urban planning, and social equity for a more holistic approach to STEM learning.

NYU Medical School trained pediatrician and co-developer of 3DuxDesign, Marci Klein, M.D. brings over 20 years experience in both clinical and academic medicine with a focus on community health, patient education, and early childhood development

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